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Randall H. Miller NU ’93, MDY ’07

Podcast Guests include: Rev Wick, John Riggs ’67, Colonel Timothy Donovan ’62, Alison Lanz ’10, Colonel Dom Ruggerio ’61, Pete Hynd ’94, Peter LaFrance ’74, Colonel Pat Cox ’92, VP of CGCS, Bill Clements, Charlie O’Neil ’94, LTC Dennis Downey ’81, Michael McCarthy ’93, MAJ Robert Fabich ’07, Brian Dunne ’13, Cadet Colonel Ethan Hagstrom ’20, David Olson ’86, LTC Chris Cadigan ’95, Jack Abare ’57, Jake head ’97, Robert Fabich ’07, Bill Lyons ’90, Paul Berntsen ’84, Byung Kim ’99, Rose Bernheim ’14, Colonel Don Paquin ’93, Colm Walker ’05, Colonel Matt Braman ’95, Bill Passalaqua ’88, Chris Halleron ’96, Jillian O’Hara ’13, Jon Allen ’94, Aiden Cruz ’20, Kevin Mercadante ’77, Joey Mac Dizon ’11, Steve Gagner ’03, Sara McGuire ’01, Joe Reagan ’04, Ashley Barber ’13, Norwich President Mark Anarumo, Sam Philbrook ’13, Amanda Lopez ’09, Dr. Tobi (Knobs) Gilbert ’90, Brian Gibbons ’99, Cadet Colonel Caleb Miller ’21, George Freeman ’94, Ken Johnston ’82, Cadet Colonel Caleb Miller ’21, Pastor Jason Stump ’98, President Anarumo’s Second Appearance 10/2/20, & many more.

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