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#1 The Second Mess podcast is a Powerful Networking Tool.

You’ve already earned your spot in the Norwich family—I’ll help you get to know it. Each week I’ll introduce you to different members of the Norwich network whose experiences span more than 70 years. No two guests are alike. But they all have at least one thing in common with you—their lives and careers were shaped by their time on the Hill in Partridge’s Corps of Cadets.

#2 The Second Mess Podcast is Entertaining.

Episodes are packed with Norwich stories you’ve never heard, told by the very people who lived them, in their own words.

#3 The Second Mess Podcast is Educational.

You will learn something new & useful in each episode.

#4 Help keep the Norwich flame burning.

Human beings teach, learn, and celebrate via storytelling. When you subscribe, you are essentially ordering more Norwich stories. The Second Mess Podcast is our fire. It’s up to us to keep the flames burning. We cannot rely on the university to do it for us.

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Thank you for supporting this much-needed way for Corps grads and current cadets to connect, share, and thrive. We don’t need middlemen. We don’t need filters. We just need each other. Norwich Forever & Essayons!

Randall H. Miller NU ’93, MDY ’07

Previous Guests include:

Rev Wick, John Riggs ’67, Colonel Timothy Donovan ’62, Alison Lanz ’10, Colonel Dom Ruggerio ’61, Pete Hynd ’94, Peter LaFrance ’74, Colonel Pat Cox ’92, VP of CGCS, Bill Clements, Charlie O’Neil ’94, LTC Dennis Downey ’81, Michael McCarthy ’93, MAJ Robert Fabich ’07, Brian Dunne ’13, Cadet Colonel Ethan Hagstrom ’20, David Olson ’86, LTC Chris Cadigan ’95, Jack Abare ’57, Jake head ’97, Robert Fabich ’07, Bill Lyons ’90, Paul Berntsen ’84, Byung Kim ’99, Rose Bernheim ’14, Colonel Don Paquin ’93, Colm Walker ’05, Colonel Matt Braman ’95, Bill Passalaqua ’88, Chris Halleron ’96, Jillian O’Hara ’13, Jon Allen ’94, Aiden Cruz ’20, Kevin Mercadante ’77, Joey Mac Dizon ’11, Steve Gagner ’03, Sara McGuire ’01, Joe Reagan ’04, Ashley Barber ’13, Norwich President Mark Anarumo, Sam Philbrook ’13, Amanda Lopez ’09, Dr. Tobi (Knobs) Gilbert ’90, Brian Gibbons ’99, Cadet Colonel Caleb Miller ’21, George Freeman ’94, Ken Johnston ’82, Cadet Colonel Caleb Miller ’21, Pastor Jason Stump ’98, President Anarumo’s Second Appearance, Gary Appleby ’90, Clarke Haywood ’12, Chris Collins ’97, Drew Paulson ’13, Lowell Price ’93, Steff Ulrich ’13, Tony Agnitti ’84, Marty Suydam ’65, Hugh McLaughlin ’87, Jakon Hays ’94, Matt Romei ’98, Rob Hennessey ’93, Rebecca Weaver ’13, Jeramy Brock ’12, A.J. Diaz ’10, Todd Kibbee ’90, Ricky Sarmiento ’13, Norwich Artillery Battery Commander Sean Doody ’21, George Demeris ’11, Leo Cruz ’02, Tim Maloney ’93, Tony Johnson ’94, Dave Toomey ’85, Nick Barry ’13, Pat Keefe ’90, Al Aldenberg ’93, Mark Sullivan ’95, Jake Sotiriadas ’03, Liz Kennedy ’01, Juliet Lisky ’15, Olga Ryan ’94, Richard Sarmiento ’96, Brian Doyle ’94, Rick La Vache ’13, Cadet Colonel Matt Cutting ’22, Bill McIntosh ’95, Rick Price ’92, Mike Babyak ’92, Daniel Schumaker ’96, Katie Hathaway ’12, The Fins and Feathers, Mary Beth Davis ’19, Brandon Beal ’12, Bobby DeLotto ’12, Josh Paille ’11, The Fins & Feathers, John Collins ’90, Mark Stainbrook ’91, & many more.

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